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PAUL: I haven't really met anybody in the leadership, but I have met a lot of the new fresh men that the tea party elected. And I can tell you, the 87 new fresh men, there's a bunch of them that want more significant cuts. There's a bunch of them that realize that Social Security and Medicare are teetering in the balance, and so, I think you'llCharm bracelet a lot of boldness and a lot of brave new people.I've met several I think are really good in the House freshman class, and I'm not saying anything negative about others. I've just met a lot in the freshman class who I think are ready for some changes.NAPOLITANO: Switching gears slightly. Will you vote to raise the debt ceiling if the $500 billion cut is not there or if a balanced budget amendment proposed by your colleague, Senator Lee, is not there?

PAUL: I can't imagine voting to raise a debt ceiling, unless, we have a balanced budget amendment in place, also want statutory caps in place in addition to a balanced budget amendment, soCharm bracelet sale immediately start doing something good, and, I think that you really have to have some kind of structural change. We have to start cutting spending immediately, but it can't be 2 percent. Thirty some odd million dollars cut in one year is a 2 percent cut of what the deficit is. Deficit is 1.5 trillion.APOLITANO: RightPAUL: You can cut 30 Elsa Peretti on sale for years and years, and you'll never ever get close to balancing the budget. So, if there's somewhat incongruence to say, many Republicans are for a balanced budget amendment, but they're going to fix it by cutting 32 billion. They don't fit together. They don't jive.

NAPOLITANO: Doesn't make sense to me how we can borrow more and spend less, but that vote is coming. We'll be interested to see the outcome. Senator Paul, it's a pleasure. Thanks for joining us.PAUL: Thank you.NAPOLITANO: And while it's truly admirable that Senator Rand Paul is trying to make meaningful cuts to the federal government budget, my next Frank Gehry on sale has proposed an amendment to the constitution to take things several steps further. He wants to force Congress to write a balanced budget, and he wants the government to live within its means.Here now, tea party Republican senator from Utah, Mike Lee. Senator, you're a regular on this show. It's always a pleasure. Welcome back.


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Now, most of us have said, you now, let's try to do this. Let's get started with it, but let's try not to get the people who are nearing retirement or who are on retirement. So, we're really looking at a cutoff. We're crunching the numbers, but the number looks closer to those 55 and under that won't be a system left for them, unless, we do somehow change the Toggle bracelet of eligibility.NAPOLITANO: Would we get to a point where Senator Barry Goldwater suggested this way back in 1964 was excoriated for it, Social Security would be voluntary, and if you didn't want to enter into it, you didn't have to, and if you didn't enter into it, you didn't have to pay for it?

PAUL: Got a good letter from a young man who worked on my campaign. He said, I really like your budget cuts. I'm glad you're going to let us look at Social Security reform, and Paloma Picasso Loving Heart bracelet he put in his letter. P. S. can you please let me opt-out? And so, the young people given a choice would rather probably have their own account. I've said that, you know, I don't think Tiffany Charm bracelet did a very good job of messaging and talking about Social Security.NAPOLITANO: Right.PAUL: But really, if you talked about individualizing the accounts, people realize people now have 401(k)s and IRS, they realize and can watch their account, has their name on it. It's their money.

I think if you presented the battle and presented the position that we were going to individualize the account, we were going to put a name on your account, I think overwhelming majorities of people would vote for it.There is an interim problem, though, because we're having all of these new people retire that if you left people opt-out completely, it createsTiffany Notes tag bracelet of a shortfall. So, there are problems logistically trying to figure out how we get to a system of individual accounts.NAPOLITANO: Have you gotten any dirty looks from the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives which thinks that a $38 billion cut is good enough and here you come by with something that's nearly 20 times the size of that.


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PAUL: Good to be with you, judge.NAPOLITANO: How is the proposal to cut $500 billion from the president's budget going with your fellow Republicans?PAUL: Well, depends on who you talk to. What's kind of interesting is we had our first tea party caucus, and I went to that and I told them I had 500 billion, and every one at the tea Tiffany 1837 Toggle bracelet caucus said, we need more. We've got a $1.5 trillion deficit. So, to the tea party, it's not even enough. But if you talk to those in official Washington, they're like oh, my goodness, how could you do that. It's too dramatic. And I say to them, look it's only a third of the problem we have.

And if we take the president's plan, we'll add $4 trillion to the debt over five years, and if we do the Republican House plan, we'll add $3 trillion to the debt. So, I think 500 billion is a good place to start, and then, we Frank Gehry Fish toggle braceletto look at entitlements even beyond that.NAPOLITANO: What do you do beyond that? What do you do about entitlements? Surely, no one is seriously suggesting that those who have contributed to Social Security for their entire adult working lives and are now receiving it would lose it. No one's suggesting that, but something needs to be done with Social Security, I suggest, Senator Paul, in the future. It's a Ponzi scheme.It's unconstitutional. We can't afford it. Elsa Peretti Sevillana Mesh bracelet can better take care of themselves than the government take care of them. So, what would you do with or say to a 22-year-old or a 25-year-old entering the workforce today?

PAUL: I think the first thing we have to acknowledge is that it doesn't have any money there. The savings was spent in the general fund, and, we now, for first time, are paying out more in Social Security than comes in. We have to acknowledge that with the baby boomers retiring, we're going to have twice as many folks who are going to go from 42 Elsa Peretti Sevillana bracelet retired to 77 million.So, the demographics of this situation caused us to be short of money. That's the first thing everyone has to admit to, and so, there are solutions. The solutions are really relatively simple and everybody knows them. The solutions are that gradually you'll have to change the age of eligibility, and gradually, you will probably have to institute means testing.


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Paul, Lee, Richwine, Rossman, Skinner, FREEDOM WATCH. The revolution continues now.(END VIDEO CLIP)NAPOLITANO (on-camera): Tonight on the docket, cutting the bloated federal government budget. No organization on earth knows how to waste money better than the United States government. Before Woodrow Wilson ushered in the Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet era of big government, before FDR created the Social Security Ponzi scheme, and before Lyndon Johnson created Medicare, federal government spending was less than 10 percent of the entire United States' economy.Today, it's more than 40 percent. What is the money spent on?

While it's true that billions are spent on unconstitutional projects like ethanol subsidies that raise the price of the food you eat, like bridges named after the senator who secured the funding Return to Tiffany Heart tag bracelet on military hardware that the generals don't want or need, most of the budget is spent on defense and entitlement programs. The president's proposed 2011 budget will cost $3.7 trillion.With 70 percent of that budget spent on defense, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and interest Bead bracelet on the government's debt. If we truly want to get spending under control, then military and entitlement spending cuts must be addressed, and they must be addressed seriously.

It's what the American people want why the Republicans were able to take back the House last November. But sadly, House Republicans have rejected the values of the voters who sent them there.They proposed a meager $38 billion budget cut. That's right. 38 billion in the face of a budget that is pushing 4 trillion. So, is there anyone out there Tiffany Cushion Two-row bracelet actually serious about cutting the budget? Well, last November, a true champion of limited government won a Senate seat in Kentucky, and he has a 500 billion dollar budget cut proposal that does not spare defense or entitlement programs.He's here now, that courageous man himself, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul, it's a pleasure and welcome here.


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Health Net of Arizona, IncHealth Net Plan of Oregon, IncAdditional information is availableApplicable Criteria and Related Research:--'Insurance Rating Methodology' (Aug. 13, 2010);--'Fitch's Charm bracelet to Rating Insurance Groups' (March 24, 2010);--'U.S. Health Insurance and Managed Care Rating Methodology' (March 24, 2010).Applicable Criteria and Related Research:Insurance Rating MethodologyJUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, HOST: The march towards liberty starts now. This is FREEDOM WATCH.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)NAPOLITANO (voice-over): Blasting the budget. Tonight, Senator Rand Paul on his plan to cut over $500 billion from the federal government's budget.

SEN. RAND PAUL, (R) KENTUCKY: Someone has to be brave enough to say, look, it won't be easy, but this is what we have to change.NAPOLITANO: Plus, Senator Mike Lee reacts to Senator Heart tag charm Toggle bracelet bold plan in the face of a House republican proposal to cut a paltry, pathetic and insignificant $38 billion from the budget. And, why are so-called public servants Tiffany Cushion Toggle bracelet more money than the taxpaying Americans who pay their salaries? Policy analyst, Jason Richwine, is here with the shameful truth. Federal bureaucrats are grossly overpaid.Then, Negeen Mayel whose parents escaped abuse in Afghanistan only to have her arrested by tyrannical American cops for filming them in public.

All that, and our "Freedom Fighters," Glory Rossman, Nancy Skinner, Charles Goyette, the president has promised not to sign any bill filled with earmarks.BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it.NAPOLITANO: But will military pork spending prove too Flower charm bracelet for vote hungry lawmakers and the president to resist? If only lawmakers were tempted by these principles, that government is best which governs least. The people are entitled to a government that stays within the confines of the constitution. The constitution was written to keep the government off the people's backs.

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Mark Weber, Chairman and CEO of Donna Karan International, said, "As a brand that celebrates the lives and spirit of women, we are enormously proud to support the women who have bravely given so much to serve our country. Fatigues to Fabulous(TM) is the way we and our industry can show these women that we recognize the challenges they face Elsa Peretti Open Heart bracelet contribute to the work of Grace After Fire and SWHR in easing the transition for women veterans.""Women in uniform are warriors and heroes, and they're also wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends," said Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc. "We are indebted to them for their dedication to serving our country and want to give them a 'badge of honor' that's fabulous and stylish - and that we can wear to show we support them."

Despite countless risks, impact on family and untold uncertainty, over 1.8 million women have taken up the call to serve. The Fatigues to Fabulous(TM) campaign, also known as F2F, is designed to Elsa Peretti Double Open Heart bangle awareness of the contributions veteran women are making in the protection of our nation, and the challenges they face upon return. Among them, having spent their service years in uniform, the emotional challenges of re-uniting with their more feminine side can be daunting. The campaign is working with the fashion industry to help women make Tiffany Somerset Bangle transition to a civilian wardrobe, raise awareness of the challenges they face, and harness resources to support them.More Information about Grace After Fire and the Society for Women's Health Research

Under the F2F banner, Grace After Fire and SWHR are collaborating on a series of initiatives to mobilize the public in support of this unique population of women. The organizations deliver direct mentoring and counseling services, promote the need for new medical research and treatments reversing male-centric studies and, importantly, become a resource to these women as they seek job skills retraining and employment."The resources currently available to veteran women are simply not yet fully designed for the needs of the 25-year-old Elsa Peretti Open center cuff mother who has returned from a year away on active duty. For example, she may not find the OB/GYN services needed, adequate childcare for a four hour appointment, nor privacy for the examinations," said Olson noting that the average age of a female veteran is 48, and the age of the most recently discharged just 30. "


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